19 August 2018

Dress code


Information for parents and students

Reviewed by the School Council on 2 July 2012

The Yuluma School Council, in consultation with staff, families and students, has established a dress code for all students attending the school.

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The School Council believes a dress code:

  • Fosters and enhances the public image of the school.
  • Assists in building school and team spirit.
  • Encourages equity among students; and
  • Prepares students for work, as many places have dress and safety codes.
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Dress code requirements for Yuluma Primary School

  • School jade-coloured polo t-shirt with collar (preferably with school logo on the front top left hand side). This is the preferred shirt for daily wear.
  • Current graduating t-shirt may be worn by graduating students.
  • School wind-cheater or school zip-front jacket (or plain navy blue windcheater or jacket of similar style).
  • Long sleeve shirts either white or navy-blue can be worn under school t-shirts during colder days.
  • Leggings may be black or navy blue and be worn under existing skirt, skort or shorts.
  • School tracksuit pants (or plain navy blue long pants).
  • School shorts, pleated skirt or skort (or plain navy blue clothes of similar style).
  • School dress.
  • Navy blue hat for sun protection (wide-brimmed or bucket style, nb. caps do not provide adequate sun protection).
  • Protective footwear and where appropriate navy and white socks (no slip on shoes, thongs, health or beach sandals).
  • Students may be required to tuck shirts in for formal occasions and excursions. For example choir performance, visiting dignitaries.
  • It is preferred that shoulder length hair (or longer) be fully tied back.
  • The wearing of jewellery is discouraged with the exception of sleepers, studs, watches and medic alerts.
  • The wearing of make-up (including coloured nail polish) is discouraged.
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Advice to parents and students on the dress code

Availability of dress code items

  • Items in the designated school colours are available from the school uniform shop but may be purchased from any clothing or department store.
  • Second hand clothes are available from the uniform shop.

Modifications to the dress code

  • Families of students who for religious or health reasons, may wish to modify the school dress code are required to discuss the issue with the Principal or Deputy Principal.
  • Staff will be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code.
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Non compliance

Students not following the dress code will receive:

  • Counselling on the benefits of a dress code.
  • Assistance / support in obtaining suitable clothing, if necessary; and
  • A pass for an agreed length of time for dress modification.

If a student does not comply with a requirement of the school dress code as a result of the above and
is not exempted, then they may be:

  • Prevented from representing the school.
  • Excluded from participation in activities that are not an essential part of the education program.

Regulation 36 Section 123(2)(a)(b) School Education Act 1999.

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