19 August 2018

Literacy and Numeracy Partnership Project



To build the capacity of the school staff to ensure quality literacy and numeracy programs.

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Elements of a successful approach to Literacy and Numeracy

  • Teachers have a knowledge of how children learn.
  • Explicit, planned learning activities.
  • Differentiated curriculum.
  • Programs promote active learning.
  • Understandings are developed through children exploring and thinking.
  • Interaction among peers, parents and other adults.
  • Curiosity is aroused in all children.
  • Communication skills are facilitated and developed.
  • Culturally appropriate programs are offered.
  • Learning occurs across the curriculum.
  • Teachers evaluate children’s learning by focused observation and respond to children’s emerging understandings.
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Strategies used to build sustainable practice

  • Modelled lessons
  • Collaborative planning
  • Whole school assessment strategies
  • Cooperative learning strategies
  • Home / school links
  • Team teaching (multi-aged groupings MAGS)

Yuluma Primary School – catering for every student’s learning in every situation.

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