24 September 2018


The canteen is maintained by the P&C Association and is a member of the WA School Canteen Association. The P&C employ a (Manager) Anna Evans and relay on parent/carer volunteers to help witht he smooth running of the canteen.  Please see Anna to register your interest.  It is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday for recess and lunch. The canteen aims to provide nutritious lunches and snacks at affordable prices. Come check out the lunch specials from $3.50 a different one each day! Recess and lunch will be delivered to the classrooms of Kindergarten and Pre-Primary. Please order your child’s lunch before school starts. Parents of Kindergarten and Pre-Primary please write your order and place the money in an envelope. The Canteen is a member of the WA School Canteen Association.


A note from Anna:

Hello everyone

My name is Anna Evans and for those who I haven’t met yet I am the new canteen lady this year. I took over from the lovely Sally Cole who did a fantastic job and my plan is to do the same.

Term 1 volunteer help roster was filled very quickly, so if you would like to help out but couldn’t get a spot please come and see me, and a time/date can be arranged for you. A new roster for term 2 will be placed at the front of the canteen towards the end of term 1 if you would like to volunteer. It is also a great opportunity for your child or family to see you contributing and they will also receive a free ice-cream for you doing so.

Term 2 will also bring change not only to our menu but the canteen will be implementing a new ordering system.

A black box has been placed on the wall outside of the canteen doors where you can drop your orders in with your child’s name, what year they are in and what they would like to order. If you could please write on a bag, piece of paper put in a snap lock bag or on an envelope with money enclosed. Any change will be given back to your child when they pickup their order. The box will then be emptied at 9.00am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings so that the orders can be processed for the day. If you could please ensure that they are delivered before this time. A copy of the menu and bags will be placed near the box to assist you. Trying to organise your lunch orders the night before may also help.

We will also not be holding any money on the premises for orders. Most families have already made the transition and I thank you for your co-operation.

Lastly I would like to say a BIG thank you all the volunteers that have helped, you know who you all are. Your time and assistance is very much appreciated in keeping our canteen running as smooth as possible and to the school for giving me the opportunity.

Looking forward to working with you.




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