24 September 2018

Support programs

There are various programs to support the education of students at Yuluma which are designed and implemented to suit both the individual and group needs of classes. This allows us to cater for specialist needs as they arise within the class and within the wider school community. Small groups of primary students are engaged daily with explicit literacy teaching. This program is designed to help fill the small knowledge gaps that have so far restricted some students from advancing to the next reading and writing level. In conjunction with other literacy support programs within the school, we are able to test and target-teach the many small but often significantly important literacy skills.

Every child is a successful child in our classrooms. Success breeds confidence and confidence encourages our students to take risks with their learning and actively engage with the class. We are consistent in our demands of the students and once they have set a standard for their work, they are challenged everyday to maintain and improve that level of work.

Our senior students use the motivating subjects of Science and Technology and Enterprise to integrate age and grade appropriate literacy and numeracy goals. The small group setting allows each student the opportunity to work on both their educational skills as well as their social and classroom skills. We provide a supportive and consistent environment where our students feel safe, familiar and confident.

If you have any queries about support programs at Yuluma, you are welcome to make an appointment with our Deputy Principal, Ms Sandra Barnes.

Support Team

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