24 September 2018

Japanese and Asia literacy

The Japanese language learning programme is designed to be a connected curriculum. Integration of language and culture and practical tasks that motivate students to speak, listen, read and write Japanese are introduced in regular classes to all students and there is opportunity to engage with technology and incorporate Japanese literacy skills.

Language learning strategies assist students with their first language and all students are introduced to Japanese script or characters from early learning and are given support to assist their understanding.

The programme is designed to give opportunity to use their learnt language for a purpose; motivating and giving a reason to learn more Japanese and communicate with Japanese peers. Many students are writing emails to students in Japan and learn technology skills that can be transferred to other curriculum areas.

Asia Literacy is the Department of Education’s strategy to enhance the knowledge, skills and understandings about the histories, geographies, societies, cultures, literature and languages of the diverse countries that make up our region. Asia Literacy is a core part of the Australian curriculum and assists young Australians to make sense of the part of the world in which they live.

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Yuluma Primary School is involved in the federal initiative for Asia literacy and is an Access Asia school.

The school was awarded a Becoming Asia literate grant in 2011 called Connect and Communicate with Nihon. The school engages with Asia using online and virtual environments. Students are given increased opportunities to use their learnt skills in real life situations.

Building on a knowledge base acquired through cross curricula initiatives and motivating whole school and class activities the school community fosters a passion for finding out, inquiring, learning skills, gaining knowledge to better equip them for living in today’s world and their future.

All staff are engaged in a focus on lifting Asia literacy at Yuluma. Teachers and students are engaged with how to Connect and Communicate with Nihon. There are integrated Japanese – Art, Music and Library activities. The Japanese language programme is taken outside of the language classroom and teachers are encouraged to integrate their lessons, and studies with an Asia focus are given attention across learning areas. Knowledge of Asia is encouraged through the whole school, Kindergarten to Year 6. The school has a Taiko drumming team, a Japanese garden and Tamaire game to enhance student opportunities to engage with Japanese culture outside the dedicated classroom where Japanese is taught Preprimary to Year 6.

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