19 January 2018


At Yuluma we have a vibrant and active music program. Opportunities are provided throughout each year for children to participate in performances within the school and in the wider community. Research has shown that music students achieve above average results across all learning areas.

All classes from years 1 – 6 participate in sixty minutes of class music per week. Students are given instruction and learning opportunities to develop their musical skills. Activities also encourage creativity, problem-solving skills, healthy self-esteem, the ability to work together as part of a team, to set goals and take risks to achieve them. Students develop interpersonal skills, oral language skills, spatial awareness, and respect for themselves and others. All these skills are transferable to other learning areas such as Mathematics, Science and English.

School assemblies are held throughout the year, parents are invited to attend. All assemblies have a music component, which may be a community song (a song learned by all classes and sung at the assembly as a whole school), a class item, an instrumental performance or a group choral performance. Through the Department of Education’s School of Instrumental Music, students may be offered the chance to learn clarinet or classical guitar in years 5 and 6. These students are then well-placed to apply for entry to music programs at high schools such as Churchlands, Carine, Perth Modern School and Shenton College among others.

In Years 1 -3, the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. Students take part in singing and movement to music, and play percussion instruments. They gain confidence by performing first in groups for their class, then individually, and may also take part in assembly performances by the end of the year. By Year 3, children are learning to read music and playing tuned instruments (xylophones).

In Years 4 and 5, skills are further developed through learning the recorder. Children may progress to play in class ensembles and at assemblies. Year 6 students continue to develop their skills on the recorder and tuned percussion. Senior students also have a focus on music technology, utilising our Mac Books to create their own compositions and explore the creation of lyrics and movement.


Performance Extension Program (PEP Group)

This group includes students in Years 4 – 6 who have an interest in, and an aptitude for music. It fulfils the role of a formal school choir, and also undertakes instrumental activities as negotiated between the teacher and students, such as taiko drumming and the ukelele. The purpose of the program is to encourage children to extend musical abilities beyond what is able to be achieved in class, and provide meaningful performance opportunities. In the past, students have taken part in school assemblies, school concerts, WA Government Schools Music Society concerts at Burswood Theatre, WA Primary Schools Massed Choir Festival at UWA and Westcoast Songfest at Joondalup Arena.  They have performed at retirement villages and local shopping centres. Cheryl Hadfield Music Specialist

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