24 September 2018

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music


We are extremely fortunate at Yuluma to be a part of the Education Department’s instrumental music program.  This program is run by Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) and offers free tuition to hundreds of students throughout the state.  It is a highly competitive program which is designed to prepare students to continue learning their instruments in high school.

Students in year 5 may be offered the chance to learn either the clarinet or classical guitar.  There are only 5 places available for each instrument.  At the end of year 4, all students sit a musical aptitude test.  Places are offered to students based on the following criteria:  performance in the test; attitude and ability displayed in music classes; parental support; and general academic ability.


Q. Can my child learn an instrument prior to year 5?

A. They can learn an instrument privately, however currently there are no private classes offered at Yuluma.

Q. Will it help my child get in to the Instrumental Program if they start learning privately beforehand?

A. No, and in fact IMSS teachers will only accept beginners.

Q. My child has been offered a place but not for his first choice of instrument. What should we do?

A. This happens frequently, because there are only 5 places available for each instrument.  There is no obligation to accept an instrument. Some points to consider:  This is an excellent program which supports students’ music learning and prepares them to continue their music studies in high school.  Your child has been selected because they have an aptitude for music, and would benefit from developing this talent.  Many children grow to love their instrument even if it is not their first choice.  Children who study music in high school find themselves in a supportive and highly motivated peer group which is an excellent foundation for their education, whether or not they continue their music studies after high school.  Music develops skills that are applicable in all subject areas, and music students are often successful in gaining entry to academic extension programs in high school.

Q. Why aren’t more instruments available to learn at Yuluma?

A. The numbers of instruments offered depends on the size of the school.  Most schools of our size only offer one instrument.  The choice of instruments is set by the local high school, which needs to have a balance of instruments when students enrol in Year 7.  For example, clarinets are highly sort after for concert bands, orchestras and jazz ensembles.

Q. Will my child be able to learn an instrument in high school if they learn privately in primary school?

A. Most state high schools (including Churchlands) will only accept music students who have been learning through the Education Department.  For further information contact your local high school.

Q.Will my child still be able to learn an instrument in high school if they are not offered an instrument in primary school?

A. Not usually, although it depends on the high school.  Once again, contact your local high school.

Cheryl Hadfield

Music Specialist

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