24 September 2018

Early Childhood Unit

The early years of schooling have a special place in the education of a young child and form a distinct and important phase of a child’s school life. Providing children with an appropriate start to these crucial early years is essential for successful schooling and long life learning.

A child’s learning is continuous from birth and involves parents, caregivers and teachers in varied environments. A child’s entry into school is the beginning of a new partnership between caregivers and teachers.

Children enter school from a diverse range of social, cultural and economic backgrounds. Age, gender, ability, ethnicity and physical and emotional health are contributing factors to children’s individuality and rates of development. The attitudes, skills and knowledge developed in the early years of school form a substantial basis for success in later years. During the early years, it is vital that all children are provided with opportunities to develop as independent learners.

The early childhood unit of Yuluma Primary School consists of:

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